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Melt and Pour Soap Base

Full selection of melt and pour soap bases each made with a special additive
Goats Milk, Shea Butter, Honey, Clear, Oatmeal, Hemp Seed Oil, White, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Shaving, Castile, Aloe Vera, Charcoal, Mango Butter

Melt and Pour Soap Base Sampler Set (7 lbs)

Not sure which melt and pour soap base to buy? Or want to try a variety of bases? The Pifito Soap Base Sampler is the perfect solution! 1 lb each, 7 lbs total. Now you can try from any of the seven most popular soap bases, to determine which you love best! We have four Soap Base Sampler assortments to choose from.

Melt & Pour Soap Base 'Samplers'

Melt and Pour Soap Making Kits

Complete soap making kit package, with melt and pour soap base. Great for beginners and experts. Easy to use for any age or knowledge level. All inclusive set offering you peace of mind, that you've got everything to make soap!
Each set includes a variety of 3 different Melt and Pour Soap Bases, Soap Colorants Sampler pack, Silicone Soap Mold and Soap Making Instructions.

Melt & Pour Soap Making Kits

Soap Making Colorants

Premium colorants for soap making or any diy craft projects. Choose from Oxide Pigment or Mica colorant. We have many sampler packs with multiple colors to try. Cosmetic-grade, skin safe and non-toxic. Comes in small zip-lock resealable pouches.

Soap Making Colorants

Soap Making Oils Mix

Blend of Pre-Measured Carrier Oils for Cold Process Soap Making

Perfectly formulated recipe of pre-mixed oils for use in cold process soap making.
Oils are precisely measured, saving you lots of time.
No more tedious measuring or buying many different oils. Makes the whole soap making process quick and easy!
Get consistent, reliable results every time.

Soap Making Oils

Cosmetic grade vegetable oils for soap making. Premium 100% pure and natural carrier oil for essential oils, skin care, hair and body oil.
Soap Making Oils

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All our products are formulated with the finest ingredients without any harsh chemicals, synthetics, detergents or lathering agents.

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