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How to Make Soap with Melt and Pour Soap

How to Make Soap with Melt and Pour Soap

This is an overview instructions of the basics on how to make your own homemade soap with melt and pour base.

  1. Cut 1 lb of Pifito Melt and Pour Soap Base into small chunks and place them into a container.
    TIPS: Our Pifito 6 Cavity Soap Mold can hold about 1 - 1 ½ lbs of melt and pour soap base. 

  2. Melt the soap base in a microwave, starting with just 30 seconds at a time. Remove the soap and stir (It will be thick and chunky). Repeat heating the soap base until all the chunks are gone and the soap is completely melted.
    TIPS: Be careful not to overcook your mixture, so not to burn your soap.
    Cover the container with Saran Wrap. This will help keep the soap base from drying out while it is being heated.
    If you prefer not to use a microwave, you can melt the soap base in a double boiler.

  3. Once you've removed the soap from the microwave, wait till the soap cools down a bit. Then slowly add essential oil (scent) to the melted soap base and gently stir.
    TIPS: The general usage rate for every 1 lb of melt and pour soap base is .25 fl. oz. of essential oil.

  4. Add soap color to the melted soap base and mix well. Lightly spritz Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol to disperse any clumps caused by the colorant powder; they usually float to the top.
    TIPS: The general usage rate for every ¼ lb of melt and pour soap is one .15cc scoop of Colorant Powder.
    Begin by adding a little of color to the soap, stir and gradually add more until you achieve the desired look you want.
    Alternatively you can first mix the pigment powder with a bit of rubbing alcohol on its own. Then pour this mixture into your soap, thereby avoiding any clumps.

  5. Slowly pour the soap into the mold. Try not to splash the soap or get too many bubbles.
    TIPS: If you do get bubbles in the soap, lightly spray the tops of the bars with rubbing alcohol.
    Try to aim for the middle of the mold, so it doesn’t overflow when it’s completely filled.

  6. The soap should be hard enough to unmold in a few hours. You can hurry this along by putting the mold in the refrigerator (not in the freezer).
    TIPS: It will take several hours on the counter or approximately an hour in the refrigerator for the soap to completely cool and harden.

  7. When the soap is completely hardened, you should be able to pop the bars out of the mold by gently pressing the bottom. Since the melt and pour soap base is already cured, there's no waiting. You can use your soap right away!
    TIPS: If it does not pop out easily, try tapping the mold firmly with the palm of your hand. If that doesn’t work, most likely it’s not cool enough. You can either leave it for another hour, or place the soap in the freezer for 10 minutes.
    If you’re not going to use your soap right away, wrap it in plastic to store.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

Good luck on all your soap making!!

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