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Product FAQ

Product FAQ

Where are your products made?

Our soap is proudly manufactured right here in the USA.

Do your products have any chemicals?

Our soap does not have any chemicals, synthetics, parabens, detergents or lathering agents. No SLS are used in any of our soaps.

Do you test your products on animals?

We don't test any of our products on animals.

Are your products Gluten Free?

All our soap bases are Gluten-Free. The only soap base that is not, is our Shaving melt and pour soap base.

Where do you source your palm oil?

All the palm oil that is used in our soaps are sustainable and purchased only from partners that are certified and comply with RSPO.

Does your soap base contain lye?

Our soap base does not contain lye at this current stage. Though lye was added in the beginning to create the soap, as it's impossible to make soap without adding this ingredient.
However after the chemical reaction of saponification has occurred, there is no more lye left in the soap base and it's totally safe to handle and use.

Is your soap vegan-free?

All Pifito soap bases are vegan-free, except the Goats Milk which is obviously not vegan-free.

Does your soap contain soy?

All our soap bases are Soy-Free.

What are the ingredients of your Soap Bases?

The ingredients of our soap bases are either found on the image of the soap base itself (place your mouse on the image to enlarge), or it can be found on the listing page, under the Product Details.

How is the Shaving Soap Base different from the other soap bases?

Our Shaving Soap Base is similar to the Clear soap base, but it contains lots of luxurious foam, which is great for shaving or for anyone that loves a great heavy lather.

Do I melt the soap on the stove top or a microwave?

You can either melt the soap base in a microwave, starting with just 30 seconds at a time, or if you prefer not to use a microwave, you can melt the soap base in a double boiler.

Do you have instructions how to make soap with Melt and Pour Soap?

Yes. Check out our blog post "How to Make Soap with Melt and Pour Soap"

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